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Woodbine Selections – July 12, 2017

It was looking good to start the day on Sunday at Woodbine, as my selections recorded three winners over the first five races, but we couldn’t find a winner on the back half of the card and had to settle for a slight loss on the day. Another week of live racing kicks off on Wednesday night at Woodbine with an eight-race card. Here are my full-card selections.


1. #7 You’re Mine (5-2) – BEST BET
2. #3 Via Ann (8-1)
3. #9 Heart Rush (7-2)


1. #5 Sweet City Woman (2-1)
2. #3 Leighlin Road (5-2)
3. #1 Amber Brewski (3-1)


1. #3 Ryoan (3-1)
2. #4 I Look Incredible (5-2)
3. #2 Kadley (8-1)


1. #9 Head Hunter (7-2)
2. #4 He Started It (2-1)
3. #1 Scram Cracker (12-1)


1. #2 Vintage Time (8-5)
2. #1 Augusto B (3-1)
3. #6 Exile Train (6-1)


1. #3 Lunar Light (2-1)
2. #5 Chief Chato (7-2)
3. #4 Vegas Strip (5-2)


1. #6 Gray Phantom (6-1)
2. #1 Run to the Bank (3-1)
3. #5 Th Original Scotty (7-2)


1. #2 Ella’s Sparkle (3-1)
2. #1 Megalin Candy (5-2)
3. #5 Zlatica (8-1)

Who do you like during the Wednesday night card at Woodbine? Feel free to leave your selections in the comments below.



  1. Steven

    July 13, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    WoW! What a disaster Wednesday was…. I had a bad feeling about that card. It’s a good thing I limited my betting to 4 races. I did do well though (considering how bad the lineup was overall). I did manage to win 3/4 bets. I got Asterism in the 5th, Kitten Candy in the 6th and Th Original Scotty in the 7th. I was very lucky considering I normally only bet when there is a nice set of races I am comfortable with (i.e. horses I really know).

    After having a look at the card for July 14th, it looks even worse! The only race I would feel comfortable betting on for Friday would be Race # 6. I like (4) – Circle of Friends. Should be a slam dunk. Everything else is essentially throwing your hands up in the air and not being surprised that a totally unexpected horse wins the race…

  2. Steven

    July 13, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Quick question for you Alex. Can you please explain the mysterious “Also Eligibles”? For example, if you look at Race #5 coming up for July 14th you will notice that there are 12 horses scheduled for that contest with 4 additional horses listed under “Also Eligibles”. Does this mean that there will be 16 horses total for that race or are horses 13-16 slotted in that category in case there is a scratch? If so, how do they determine which of the additional 4 horses would be allowed to race for a scratched horse?

    • Robert

      July 17, 2017 at 6:39 am

      Good question, Steven. The answer is, the eligible horses only get to race IF there is a scratch, otherwise, they do not. The order of who is first in line has been predetermined. In other words, the order you seem them on that list (from top to bottom) is the order of selection that would occur to replace the scratched horse. I am not sure how that order is determined but at least now you know how it works.

      • Steven

        July 17, 2017 at 6:46 pm

        Thanks for the information! It’s interesting because it works completely differently in some other countries.

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